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2019 Division 4 National Champions!

About The Dockers

National Titles

Wanting Cincinnati to feel a little more like home, Aussie Geoff Cann gathered a few expatriates plus a few Americans and started the first Australian Rules Football Club in 1996.  After partnering with the Fremantle Dockers, the Cincinnati Dockers were born.  Under the tutelage of Dan Ryan, the Cincinnati Dockers won the inaugural USAFL Division 1 National Championship in 1997.  The Cincinnati Dockers have gone on the win an additional 7 USAFL national championships across multiple divisions.  

New players are always welcome to join the Dockers for training anytime throughout the season.  No previous knowledge or experience is needed.  Many of our current players began without having ever played before.  Our veteran players and coaches are eager to help you develop the skills and knowledge to play Australian rules football.  The current Dockers players range from 20 to 50+ years old; are students, engineers, doctors, and everywhere in between.  Primarily we are folks looking for a new challenge in sports, to make some new friends, and to compete for our 9th national championship.  

1997 Div 1

2004 Div 3

2008 Div 4

2009 Div 4

2011 Div 4

2013 Div 4

2016 Div 4

2019 Div 4

National Runners Up

2012 Div 4

2015 Div 3

2018 Div 3

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